Neil’s intentions to get suspected in Naamkarann


Avni has left home. The entire family is in tension. Neil tells them that he is trying to find Avni, while they are doubting that he is not putting any efforts intentionally. He says its nothing like that as you all are thinking, I m desperate to get Avni. Shweta tells Neil that she wants her bahu back. She asks Neela to tell her where did Avni go, none can know Avni better than her. Neela sheds tears. She says I didn’t wish Avni’s life to become like her mum Aisha, I wanted her to get the life’s happiness, but Avni has left, she has sacrificed her life. Avni left from Neil’s life.

Everyone feels Neil doesn’t want to get Avni back. Neil is also upset. Shweta tells Neil that someone has to get back when two people have to make a relation, and Avni has given her place to Juhi by getting back. She tells Bebe that Avni wanted to unite Neil and Juhi, and took this decision. She asks Neil why did he let Avni go because of his past, why did he do this to hurt her. She scolds Neil for favoring Juhi and hurting Avni’s heart. Shweta and Neela break down and dearly miss Avni. Neela tells Avni that none can find Avni till she Avni wants to meet anyone. She says Avni has self esteem, she will not get traced by Neil. Neil gets heartbroken. He explains them that he will find Avni and get her back. Neil has told the truth to them that Juhi and he have a daughter. The family gets angry on him, and didn’t know such thing will surface.


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