Goa track to bring many twists in Ishqbaaz


Shivay’s purpose to organize the memorial doesn’t get fulfilled. He spots his elders talking. Pinky doubts on Tej for attacking the man. They get into an argument. Shivay learns their plan to visit Goa and destroy the evidence tapes. Shivay too makes a plan to follow them. He realizes his family was involved in the incident. He feels breaking on hearing their acceptance of crimes.

Shivay doesn’t want Anika to come with him, as the task has much danger. Anika doesn’t let him go. She gets into an argument, and he gets silent. Anika doesn’t listen to him. She gets an idea to go after Shivay. He asks her not to follow him. She dresses in a Burqa to keep her identity a secret.

Rudra comes back home. He troubles Bhavya further. Rudra plans a trip to Goa as well. Dadi tells him that everyone has gone for some work. Rudra is upset that he came back after much time and none has time for him. Abhay gets angry seeing his plan in risk. He asks Tania not to put him in danger by her love. Tania loves him a lot. She tells him that she doesn’t want such life with him. She confesses love, while he gets angry on her for making him away from his motives. He asks her to leave from his battle mission. She tells him that she will not leave him alone in his battle.

Omkara finds Gauri in stress. He asks her not to fulfill the demands of the groom’s mother. He tells her that this is also a form of dowry. She tells him that she is doing everything for her friend. She is indebted to her friend for all her help. She is sure to manage everything well. Gauri works hard to earn money and arrange things for her friend’s inlaws. Omkara helps her in her work. They have a moment. Gauri asks him not to get any wrong meaning by her behavior, as she just loves her husband. Omkara gets happy hearing this. He praises her to be a loyal and loving wife. She tells him that people are making news about them. She tells he is just like a brother for her, which shocks him. He tells her not to say anything like a brother. He can’t reveal he is Omkara. He makes her confused by his talk. His strange reaction makes her feel weird.



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