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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Ruhi doesn’t find it right to stay together with Nikhil. Nikhil convinces her for a live-in, as he got cheated in marriage before. He tells her that marriage is not important to him. He asks her to decide for their lives. She gets ready for it. Ruhi and Nikhil decide to stay in a live-in relationship, and declare the decision to Bhallas. Raman refuses to allow Ruhi to move with Nikhil. He gets stern, while Ruhi doesn’t mend herself. Ruhi confronts them for sending Shagun to Pooja to trap Nikhil again. She tells them about Shagun’s new game.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami starts falling in love with Adhiraj. She finds him equally caring. Adhiraj relieves her pain. Anami doesn’t accept that she likes Adhiraj. He tells her that he didn’t cheat her, it was his duty to find about her. He asks her to be alert as she can face attack anywhere. He apologizes for not receiving her call on time. He asks her to call for help if she wants. Anami’s cute arguments bring a smile on his face.


    Shivay’s purpose to organize the memorial doesn’t get fulfilled. He spots his elders talking. Pinky doubts on Tej for attacking the man. They get into an argument. Shivay learns their plan to visit Goa and destroy the evidence tapes. Shivay too makes a plan to follow them. He realizes his family was involved in the incident. He feels breaking on hearing their acceptance of crimes.

    Shivay doesn’t want Anika to come with him, as the task has much danger. Anika doesn’t let him go. She gets into an argument, and he gets silent. Anika doesn’t listen to him. She gets an idea to go after Shivay. He asks her not to follow him. She dresses in a Burqa to keep her identity a secret. They both leave for Goa.


    Neela helps Avni get ready in her dream wedding dress. Everyone compliments Avni. Avni and Neil look forward to their Catholic wedding. Their anniversary party turns special. Neil gets mesmerized seeing Avni. Neil and Avni make the vows of lifelong togetherness. Neil fails to keep the promise, when he gets informed about Juhi’s suicide attempt. Before they could conclude the wedding, Neil leaves from there to meet Juhi, which breaks Avni’s heart. Avni’s dream gets unfulfilled. Avni tells Neela hat they should also go and see Juhi in the hospital. She acts strong in front of everyone.


    Kartik gets locked in the room, and blames Naira for this. Naira stops him from spoiling the marriage. Naira stays worried while Naksh and Kirti take the rounds. Kartik tries hard to reach the altar. He fails to stop the marriage. Suwarna tells Naira that Kirti is happy to have Manish and Kartik with her. Naira fears things will change once Kartik reveals the truth. Kartik gets free and comes to stop the marriage. Naksh and Kirti tie the knot. Naira unites them. Kartik gets angry seeing Naksh.

    Meri Durga:
    Gayatri has a hidden agenda to support Durga. She gets Durga bailed out so that Durga runs in the death race and dies to get away from Sanjay forever. Yashpal finds Durga freed. He goes to confront Gayatri for bailing Durga. Durga thinks of thanking Gayatri once she wins the race. Annapurna supports Durga. Durga tells her that she will win the race, since her failure will be worse than her death. Annapurna blesses her. Durga explains her plan to the truck driver. She tells him to keep driving the truck at the same speed. He fears she can get late and dash into the truck, which can cause her death. Durga takes the risk. She asks the driver to leave everything on her. She doesn’t want to blame anyone for her decision. Sanjay tries to stop Durga once again.



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