Neil fails to keep his promise in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neela helps Avni get ready in her dream wedding dress. Everyone compliments Avni. Avni and Neil look forward to their Catholic wedding. Their anniversary party turns special. Neil gets mesmerized seeing Avni. Neil and Avni make the vows of lifelong togetherness. Neil fails to keep the promise, when he gets informed about Juhi’s suicide attempt. Before they could conclude the wedding, Neil leaves from there to meet Juhi, which breaks Avni’s heart. Avni’s dream gets unfulfilled. Avni tells Neela hat they should also go and see Juhi in the hospital. She acts strong in front of everyone.

They learn about Juhi’s suicide. Juhi gets saved. Juhi apologizes to Neil for troubling him so much. She doesn’t want to live like a burden on Neil. Juhi makes Neil promise that he will never leave her alone. Neil promises togetherness to her. This shocks Avni and entire family. Neil does so to get Juhi out of depression. Avni gets heartbroken. Neil consoles Juhi. Neela sympathizes with Avni. She tells her that Juhi can’t come between Neil and her. Avni doesn’t want any wrong hope. She finds Neela big hearted to leave Ashish.

Neela doesn’t want Avni to leave Neil for Juhi. Avni understands Neela’s sacrifice. She also decides to sacrifice her love, just like Neela. Neela doesn’t want Avni to leave Neil. Avni tells her to be with Neil and his family, to look after them. She makes a decision to leave from Neil’s life. Neela tells Neil that Avni has gone to Aisha’s grave. Neil justifies himself why he promised Juhi. Shweta reprimands him for making a joke of Avni. She asks him how could he leave his wife in middle of wedding and break her heart. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve a girl like Avni. Neil learns Avni has left from his life.


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