Shorvori records a confession for Parth in Dil Se Dil Tak


Shorvori gets admitted in the hospital. Teni takes care of her. Teni feeds her food. She cracks jokes and makes Shorvori smile. She then gets emotional and sheds tears. Shorvori asks Teni to record a video message for Parth. She tells Teni to show the message to Parth after her death. Shorvori cries seeing Parth’s photo in her mobile. She records a love confession for Parth. Teni feels bad hearing the emotional message.

Shorvori has hidden her illness truth from Parth. She shares her sorrow with Teni. She tells Teni what she is going through. During the recording, Shorvori tells Parth about her illness, and why she has hidden the truth from Parth, since she didn’t wish Parth to shatter by her loss. She apologizes to Parth to hide the truth from her and be so rude to him. She tells Parth that she has reached last stage of cancer, she has been behaving bad so that he gets away from her. She tells she has very less time now and she can just pray for his happiness now. Her confession breaks all the truth out.

Shorvori’s life is ending. She doesn’t want Parth’s life to spoil. She asks Parth to marry Teni, as she wants her child to get mum and dad’s love. Its difficult for Teni to see Shorvori’s sorrow. She supports Shorvori. Shorvori hopes Parth and Teni have a happy family. Shorvori refuses to have medicines. Teni bribes her of tamarind. She feeds the medicines to Shorvori. Teni pampers Shorvori. Shorvori tells Teni that no medicines can save her life now. Teni feels bad and cries. She does her duty towards Shorvori. Teni will be telling Parth that Shorvori is not so bad and she was helpless to do all that. Parth will be knowing Shorvori’s illness truth soon.


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