Kartik and Naira’s break-up gets painful in Yeh Rishta…

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Kartik gets angry on Naira. He breaks the mirrors and things in a storeroom, and vents out his anger. Naira decides to go home along with Naksh, Kirti and Singhanias. Naira is innocent, but she bears Kartik’s anger. He can’t tolerate Kirti’s happiness to shatter once again. Naira fails to explain him. Kartik tells her that she knew Naksh doesn’t love Kirti, even then she has hidden this. Kartik has a misunderstanding about Naksh. Naksh and Kirti have gone through bitter past. They were confused about each other at first, but now they got married willingly.

Singhanias women welcome Kirti in her grah pravesh. Kirti gets happy with a warm welcome. Devyaani makes them do all the rituals of a proper Grah pravesh. Naira stays along with them. She feels bad for herself. She steps in her Maayka. Naira has returned to Singhania house. Naira makes Naksh and Kirti play the ring finding ritual. Naira hides her problems from Naksh. Naksh wanted to make relations fine, but he doesn’t know that relations got much spoiled. Naksh has accepted Kirti by heart. They all are happy.

Naira wants them to be happy. Kartik is upset with Naira. He doesn’t know Naksh started liking Kirti. Naira knows everything will get fine with time. They had a huge fight. Kartik wanted her to go away. Naira wanted him to stop her once. Naira has left Goenka house. She wants Kartik to realize his rudeness is wrong. She gets emotional. Kartik doesn’t know what he is saying, why he is blaming Naira and hurting her heart. Kirti feels Naira and Kartik can never get separated, as their relation has much love and trust.


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