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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji: Vansh and Uma have a huge confrontation. Vansh asks Saras does only Uma have a right to play with a girl’s life. He tells Uma that if he hurts Kanak, Saras will be hurt ten times more. Kanak gets depressed seeing Vansh’s step. Uma and Vansh fight. Vansh tells Uma that Saras paid for his crimes. He says I don’t love Saras, don’t think I was dying to marry her, there is no love between us, I trapped her in my love and married her to punish you. Uma and Kanak receive a shock.


Gauri is arranging her friend’s marriage functions. During the Roka, Omkara supports Gauri in all the preparations. The girl’s inlaws like all the arrangements and praise Gauri for her efforts. Gauri fulfills all the demands of the groom’s family. Gauri tells them not to hurry up for the marriage. A guy Ajay falls for Gauri. He tells them that the marriage can’t happen till Gauri feeds him sweets by her hands. Ajay is Gauri’s friend’s would be brother in law. Gauri takes his demand in a jolly way and agrees.


Sasural Simar Ka:

A new drama started in Bharadwaj house. Bhairavi wants to know Simar’s truth. She asks Mata ji to make Simar do the puja of Mata Rani. Mata Rani has taken Simar’s place at home. They don’t know Simar is actually a Goddess. Shera sits in Mata Rani’s feet. Simar and Shera leave. The family looks for Simar, and asks Bhairavi where did she go. Bhairavi asks them to have prasad fast. Everyone looks for Simar. Bhairavi lies to them that Simar has gone out for some work, she didn’t disturb them as they were praying.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Shorvori gets admitted in the hospital. Teni takes care of her. Teni feeds her food. She cracks jokes and makes Shorvori smile. She then gets emotional and sheds tears. Shorvori asks Teni to record a video message for Parth. She tells Teni to show the message to Parth after her death. Shorvori cries seeing Parth’s photo in her mobile. She records a love confession for Parth. Teni feels bad hearing the emotional message.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer has a bet with his friends that he will make Naina confess love to him. He tries to impress Naina and accompanies her to the temple.


Suraj has entered the house to save Chakor. He applies black color on his face. He doesn’t want Ranvijay to identify him. Ranvijay tells Chakor that his target has himself come home and now he will hunt him down. Chakor worries if Suraj has come home. She asks Ranvijay what does he mean. She knows Suraj is mad in her love and can do anything, he can come here even if she stops him.


Soumya faints down suddenly. Harman gets worried for her. The kinners also wonder how did Soumya faint. Soumya keeps the karwachauth fast for Harman. She falls weak by bearing hunger. Saaya keeps a condition that Harman should know about Soumya’s fast. Surbhi and Varun come to meet Soumya. Surbhi has also kept her first Karwachauth fast. She has got a saree to gift Soumya. Soumya refuses to accept the gift, as she wants to wear the saree gifted by Harman. Surbhi wishes Soumya all the best. She knows Harman will prove his love to Saaya and then Soumya has unite with Harman. Saaya tells Soumya that she can have juice and break the fast. Soumya doesn’t drink the juice. She throws it away. She keeps her fast. Saaya understands Harman and Soumya’s love is true.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep and Tara have laid a trap for Aarohi. Deep tells her that he can fight with the world for her. Tara says Aarohi will be going to jail. Deep and Tara romance. Deep will be framing Aarohi in the murder blames. Tara eats the food made by Aarohi. Deep asks Tara not to have any fast for him. Tara learns about Karwachauth. Tara also wants to keep a fast for Deep. Deep tells her that her health matters a lot to him and she has no need to prove her love by fasting. Tara thinks of Aarohi fasting for Deep. She doesn’t want Aarohi to get more rights on Deep, and decides to keep the Karwachauth fast.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara Devi’s ego gave birth to a revenge, when Phalguni raises voice against injustice. Uttara Devi can’t tolerate anyone dominating her. Phalguni had dareness to show Uttara Devi her mistakes and make her apologize. Phalguni participates in Jaipur’s Saree Design competition. She gets hope to make a name by her talents. Uttara Devi makes Phalguni out of the competition. Phalguni gets disqualified. She knows Uttara Devi is ruining her.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Prem and Tejaswini dance and celebrate the Diwali. Dharam too dances with his wife. The happiness returned in their family.


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