Omkara gets driven by jealousy in Ishqbaaz


Gauri is arranging her friend’s marriage functions. During the Roka, Omkara supports Gauri in all the preparations. The girl’s inlaws like all the arrangements and praise Gauri for her efforts. Gauri fulfills all the demands of the groom’s family. Gauri tells them not to hurry up for the marriage. A guy Ajay falls for Gauri. He tells them that the marriage can’t happen till Gauri feeds him sweets by her hands. Ajay is Gauri’s friend’s would be brother in law.

Omkara gets angry seeing the guy. The lady tells Gauri that nothing happens without the consent of her younger son. Gauri feeds the sweets for her friend’s happiness. Ajay starts flirting with her. Gauri feels uncomfortable. Gauri dances with the girls. Omkara sees Ajay trying to get closer to her, and takes Gauri aside to protect her. He asks Ajay to dance with him, instead Gauri. Gauri doesn’t know why Dilpreet is helping her.


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