Zee TV’s Mini Spoilers

Zee5 Toothbrush thrilling tale Loss of love

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja has got Rahul back home, so that she can keep Surbhi away from Naren. Surbhi plans a date with Naren. Pooja fails her plans. Naren gets angry seeing Rahul and gets into a fight. Pooja stops Naren. She tells him that Rahul is her guest and will stay in the house. She tells how she has done a favor on Surbhi and Naren, as it was Surbhi’s wish to get her husband back. Surbhi unwillingly nods to Pooja. Pooja tells Naren that Rahul will be staying under house arrest as per court orders. She asks Naren to thank her for this help. Naren gets miffed.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Aaliya gets in trouble when IT raid happens at home. She doesn’t cooperate with the officer. Pragya and Disha planned this to fail Aaliya’s plan to get hands on Abhi’s property.

Dil Dhoondta Hai:
Raavi and Rishi dance in her brother’s Sangeet. They have a dance competition and Baldev and Pam’s sangeet ceremony. Marathi and Punjabi families declare the competition rounds. Rishi wins the competition’s dance round. Raavi tries to talk to Rishi. Raavi gets into a romantic moment with Rishi. He didn’t let Raavi feel lost. He tells Raavi that she is the winner for him. He falls for Raavi. She spreads her charm on Rishi in the mehendi function as well.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Dharam decides to make Tejaswini leave the house. Misunderstandings go in. Dharam asks Prem to choose between family or Tejaswini. Prem finds the choice tough. Tejaswini doesn’t expect Prem to choose her over his family.

Kundali Bhagya:
Deepak insults Preeta and curses her to be away from love and marriage. Sarla gets determined to get the best guy for Preeta. Deepak breaks down Preeta’s confidence. Rishabh can’t hear anything against Preeta. He beats up Deepak. He asks Preeta to always keep smiling. Sherlyn gets jealous seeing Rishabh and Preeta together. Rishabh likes Preeta, but is unwillingly marrying Sherlyn. Karan teases Preeta, while everyone assumes Karan loves Preeta. Sherlyn lies to Kareena for giving her nod to marry Rishabh, when she doesn’t love him. Kareena learns about Preeta and Deepak’s past life. Sherlyn gets the info for Kareena. Sherlyn is in love with someone else. Rishabh learns Sherlyn doesn’t love him, and has kept Karwachauth fast for someone else. He demands to know whom she loves and why did she hide this from him till now.


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