Avni turns to be Mishti’s angel in Naamkarann


Shweta gets upset with Neil and Juhi’s relation. She tells family that she has accepted Avni, and can’t believe Juhi to have Neil’s child. She doubts on Juhi’s character. She tells them that Juhi has been part of Rangmahal. She demands a proof that its Neil’s child. Juhi gets hurt. Neil tells Neela that even if its not his daughter, he has to save the girl. Neela tells him that she doesn’t want Avni’s life to suffer. Neil asks her to bless him in his motives. Neela blesses him. She wishes they get back Avni soon.

Avni bonds with Mishti. She promises her that she will take her to school camp. Mishti feels Avni is an angel for her, and she can do anything. Avni plans a drama to get Vidyut’s permission for Mishti’s school camp. Bebe consoles Juhi of Shweta’s words. Neil asks Juhi not to worry, he will soon get their daughter home. He promises Juhi. He tells her that she is not Avni, and doesn’t know taking risk. He makes it clear that none can take Avni’s place.

Ali gets to meet Vidyut at an event. He looks for Avni. Ali makes flyers to know about her. Avni seeks permission from Vidyut, by taking advantage of the media around. Vidyut loses his cool on Avni’s step. Avni spoils his interview. He permits Avni to take Mishti to camp. He sends his guards along with them. Avni gets happy to fool him. Vidyut vents out his anger. Avni and Mishti enjoy at the camp. Avni waits to meet Neil. Neil reaches Goa to meet Avni and Mishti.


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