Pujan to ruin Anami’s arrangements in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Dheeru learns about Anami bringing positive changes at home. Dadi invites him home. She asks Dheeru to get his children home. Dheeru gets glad seeing the pleasant changes happening in Lal Mahal. Anami plans the Durga puja and shares her happiness with Poonam. She tries to celebrate the festive like she used to do in Banaras. Poonma pulls her leg about Adhiraj. She asks Anami to accept that Adhiraj is her love. Anami asks her not to care for her future. Anami makes the throne for placing Mata idol.

Dheeru doesn’t want to spoil his children’s present by his past. Pujan and Avdhoot plan to spoil the function kept by Anami. Pujan asks his men to ruin the arrangements, so that Anami gets blamed for it. Avdhoot invites Tania for the Durga puja. She doesn’t know he is related to Anami. Avdhoot tells her that his dad works in Lal Mahal. She agrees to meet him. Anami compliments Poonam, who looks beautiful in a saree. Poonam asks Anami to welcome the pandits, who have come for Durga puja. Avdhoot’s friend likes Poonam. The guy misbehaves with Poonam. Anami doesn’t like the guy’s mischief. Anami takes a stand for Poonam. She makes the guy apologize to Poonam. Will Pujan succeed in ruining the Durga puja festive? Keep reading.


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