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    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:Dheeru learns about Anami bringing positive changes at home. Dadi invites him home. She asks Dheeru to get his children home. Dheeru gets glad seeing the pleasant freshness sporead in Lal Mahal. Anami plans the Durga puja and shares her happiness with Poonam. She tries to celebrate the festive like she used to do in Banaras. Poonma pulls her leg about Adhiraj. She asks Anami to accept that Adhiraj is her love. Anami asks her not to care for her future. Anami makes the throne for placing Mata idol.

    Meri Durga:

    Doctor checks Durga’s leg sprain and tells her to take bed rest else her veins can get damaged. He tells her that she can’t run for two weeks. Yashpal and Durga worry for the race. Doctor advises her to let her leg heal first. Durga gets a shock. Yashpal understands Rajveer wanted to say the same about Durga. Durga misses Sanjay. She doesn’t know he has driven the truck and helped her in her victory. She doesn’t get affected by his engagement news. She feels maybe Aarti is better and deserves Sanjay.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Romi is the one from Bhalla family, who has an affair with Pooja. Nikhil learns their secret affair and feels disgusting. Romi tells Pooja that they can get caught. Pooja romances Romi. Romi has met her in Bangkok and had been dating her since then. He feels he shouldn’t cheat Mihika. He tells Pooja that they should end the affair now, as his family can know it any time, since they started doubting him. Pooja tells him that she doesn’t want to marry him. He asks her to think of Riya. He fears Mihika can know of his affair. He doesn’t want his marriage to break. Pooja gets angry on him. She shows her aggressive side. She threatens to kill her enemies.


    Rudra worries for Bhavya on not finding her at the camp. She manages to get some necessities met. Rudra gets relieved on seeing her. She makes a herbal soup for them. Bhavya and Rudra get help. They leave for home. Tej and Shakti worry that Shivay can know about the fire incident. Shivay confronts them for the fire incident at Kalyani mills. Shivay asks them why did they mislead him and made him board Goa flight. He informs them about the plane crash, but they have escaped death.


    Naira asks Kartik to see Kirti and Naksh’s happiness. Kirti meets Kartik in the reception party. She expresses her happiness on getting married to Naksh. Kartik too finds Naksh and Kirti happy, but feels Naksh is acting and hiding his true intentions. He feels Naksh is still cheating Kirti. Kartik’s anger gets clubbed. Naira and Kartik plan a surprise for Naksh and Kirti. They come up with a little game. Naira tries to explain Kartik that whatever is happening is right and for everyone’s good. Kartik doesn’t agree with Naira. Naksh feels Naira and Kartik have some issue. Naira tries to calm down Kartik’s anger. Naksh goes to ask Naira about the problem. He gets to see their argument. He worries for Naira. He asks Kartik to reveal his annoyance. Kartik confronts Naksh for cheating Kirti.


    Shweta gets upset with Neil and Juhi’s relation. She tells family that she has accepted Avni, and can’t believe Juhi to have Neil’s child. She doubts on Juhi’s character. She tells them that Juhi has been part of Rangmahal. She demands a proof that its Neil’s child. Juhi gets hurt. Neil tells Neela that even if its not his daughter, he has to save the girl. Neela tells him that she doesn’t want Avni’s life to suffer. Neil asks her to bless him in his motives. Neela blesses him. She wishes they get back Avni soon.


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