Naksh-Kirti’s relation gets a second chance in Yeh Rishta…


Naira asks Kartik to see Kirti and Naksh’s happiness. Kirti meets Kartik in the reception party. She expresses her happiness on getting married to Naksh. Kartik too finds Naksh and Kirti happy, but feels Naksh is acting and hiding his true intentions. He feels Naksh is still cheating Kirti. Kartik’s anger gets clubbed. Naira and Kartik plan a surprise for Naksh and Kirti. They come up with a little game. Naira tries to explain Kartik that whatever is happening is right and for everyone’s good. Kartik doesn’t agree with Naira. Naksh feels Naira and Kartik have some issue. Naira tries to calm down Kartik’s anger. Naksh goes to ask Naira about the problem. He gets to see their argument. He worries for Naira. He asks Kartik to reveal his annoyance. Kartik confronts Naksh for cheating Kirti.

Naksh apologizes to Kartik. He tells Kartik that he never meant to cheat Kirti, and really likes her. Kartik scolds Naksh for using Kirti, who really loves him. Kartik feels Naksh’s real emotions will break Kirti’s heart. He asks Naksh to admit the truth.

Kirti worries for Naksh. Naira asks Kartik to see their bonding. Kirti asks Kartik to reveal the matter to her. Kartik doesn’t want to spoil her happiness. Naksh worries for his newly made relation. Naira consoles him. Naksh fears he will lose Kirti, he doesn’t want to lose his and Kirti’s happiness. Kartik hides the matter from Kirti. He asks Naksh not to ruin Kirti’s life. He gives a chance to Naksh to keep up Kirti’s heart. He misunderstands Naksh and Naira. Kartik refuses to forgive Naira for the cheat. Naksh senses his step has gone wrong. He feels responsible for Kaira’s suffering relation. He apologizes to Naira. Kartik and Naira miss each other and shed tears.


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