Nikhil to hold Romi’s secret in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Romi is the one from Bhalla family, who has an affair with Pooja. Nikhil learns their secret affair and feels disgusting. Romi tells Pooja that they can get caught. Pooja romances Romi. Romi has met her in Bangkok and had been dating her since then. He feels he shouldn’t cheat Mihika. He tells Pooja that they should end the affair now, as his family can know it any time, since they started doubting him.

Pooja tells him that she doesn’t want to marry him. He asks her to think of Riya. He fears Mihika can know of his affair. He doesn’t want his marriage to break. Pooja gets angry on him. She shows her aggressive side. She threatens to kill her enemies. Nikhil gets broken thinking what all Bhallas did with him. He refuses to keep Romi’s secret under wraps. Nikhil aims revenge. He thinks Raman and Ishita have been wrong with him to involve Riya in his matter as well. He thinks of the defamation he faced because of Bhallas.

He goes to meet the Bhallas. He was always blamed for no fault. Bhallas celebrate Diwali together. Parmeet gets Nikhil home, which upsets the family. Raman doesn’t like Ruhi and Nikhil being together as a couple. Pooja wishes the Bhallas. Romi gets worried when Pooja comes home. Nikhil decides to expose Romi. Raman dislikes Nikhil’s presence in the family function. Ishita asks Raman not to spoil the family happiness. She asks him not to ruin other’s expectations. Pooja tries to force Romi for keeping their relation. Nikhil waits for Romi to get caught with Pooja.


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