Shivay to shoot back as the family’s shield in Ishqbaaz


Rudra worries for Bhavya on not finding her at the camp. She manages to get some necessities met. Rudra gets relieved on seeing her. She makes a herbal soup for them. Bhavya and Rudra get help. They leave for home. Tej and Shakti worry that Shivay can know about the fire incident. Shivay confronts them for the fire incident at Kalyani mills. Shivay asks them why did they mislead him and made him board Goa flight. He informs them about the plane crash, but they have escaped death.

The elders feel sorry for their move. Shivay asks Tej to admit how they are involved in the fire incident. He tells them that nothing is hidden to him, he knows about the fire incident and has also seen the tapes. He demands an answer from them. Tej and Shakti deny the blames. They ask Shivay to trust them and not the person who is making him against the family. Shivay tells Anika that he doesn’t feel his family is involved. His family is just suffering from the guilt of so many deaths happened in their mill. Anika also feels someone is trying to shake up Shivay’s trust, so that the family suffers.

Shakti doesn’t want Shivay to lose trust on them. Tej also feels to keep transparency between them. The elders get together to make Shivay sure that they are not the culprits.

Shivay and Anika meet the mills employee, and learn that none of the family members were involved in the fire incident, but some enemy of the family is misusing their presence at the mills. The man tells them that it can be a rival’s scheme. Shivay gets happy to know his family is innocent. Shivay doesn’t want to leave his new enemy.

Abhay and Tania plan to trouble the Oberois. Abhay stays in their good books. Shivay tells the family that their big problem got solved, as he still believes all of them. He apologizes for doubting on his elders. Shivay promises to support them. The family gets light moments back. Rudra thanks Bhavya for making him reach home safely. Dadi plans to celebrate Diwali with the family. Omkara and Gauri get missed by them. Omkara talks to the family. Rudra scares Bhavya and spreads fun.

Anika misses her sister. She doesn’t know anything about Chutki. Shivay pacifies emotionally sinking Anika. Gauri decides to marry Ajay for her friend’s sake. She loves Omkara and prays that everything gets fine. Omkara feels he has lost Gauri forever. He doesn’t know why Gauri agreed to marry Ajay. He thinks Gauri’s happiness is not with him. Gauri decides to meet Omkara once. Abhay gets angry on Tania, who tries to have some good time with him. He refuses to celebrate Diwali with her. Tania, who madly loves Abhay understands he doesn’t love her. She gets heartbroken. Gauri secretly comes home. She doesn’t meet Omkara. Abhay gets revengeful against the Oberois. He plans to poison their relations. Abhay swears to get justice for his dad.


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