New entry to add up more troubles in Tu Sooraj….


Maasi tells Uma that he has forgotten his life’s goal for his wife’s love. She counts his mistakes. She says you started seeing Dharm with suspicion, when you always obeyed Dharm, you have never controlled Kanak and led to this point. Uma regrets for his mistakes. He says I have to rectify all my mistakes. Maasi says Kanak has spread her Adharm in your Dharmic life. Uma wants to become a more strict follower of Dharm. He says I will not let anyone point to my Dharm. He feels Kanak is wrong to move him away from Dharm. He dips in the river and takes vow that he will never back off from Dharm, he will reinstate everything.

Maasi reminds him that Uma has identity because of his Dharm. Kanak doesn’t feel she has done anything wrong. He accepts Dharm with determination and honor. Uma says there won’t be place for anyone in between me and my Dharm. Later, Maasi’s son comes home to meet Maasi secretly. Kanak thinks a thief has come. She alerts Uma. Kanak and Uma come to check in Maasi’s room. Maasi hides her son. Maasi and her son will be adding up new troubles in Kanak’s life. Maasi’s true intentions will be known.


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