Raman and Ishita to face more problems in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Nikhil confronts Raman for allowing Romi and Pooja to have an affair, when Romi is already married. He raises a question on Raman’s family respect and justified behavior. Ishita suspects Parmeet has some involvement in Ruhi and Nikhil’s matter. Raman learns that Nikhil is the one who has asked Pooja to have an affair with Romi and defame the Bhallas. Pooja lies to Raman. Raman gets mistaken about Nikhil. Raman concludes Nikhil is the wrong guy for Ruhi. Raman and Ishita try to stop Ruhi’s marriage with Nikhil.

Raman gets angry on Romi and Pooja. Romi acts defensive of all accusations. Raman fears for his family happiness going down after breaking Romi’s affair news. Nikhil pressurizes Raman to tell everyone about Romi. Raman gives a chance to Romi. Raman doesn’t tell anyone about Romi. Nikhil asks Raman not to cheat him. Nikhil’s moves makes Romi revengeful. Adi and Aaliya invite Mani for Diwali. Shagun gets upset with Bhallas, and doesn’t turn up. Ruhi asks Nikhil to enjoy with family. Ishita tells Mani that they are just cooperating with Ruhi to change her mind, they are not supporting their marriage. She asks Mani to explain Shagun what are their real intentions.

Raman gets blackmailed by Nikhil. Raman asks Nikhil not to break his family harmony. He doesn’t want Nikhil to interfere. Nikhil asks Raman who gave him the rights to defame him by linking him with the call girl. He scolds Raman for having double standards. Raman tells Romi how Nikhil is troubling him. Ishita asks Nikhil to postpone the marriage till Ruhi completes her studies. Ruhi and Nikhil decide to marry soon. Ishita understands Nikhil is making Ruhi away from them. Nikhil decides to ruin Bhallas’ respect by using Ruhi. Parmeet gets happy seeing Nikhil’s anger. He instigates Nikhil more. Nikhil gets determined for revenge, while Romi plans to kill Nikhil. Ishita stops Romi from failing Nikhil’s car brakes. Raman reveals Romi’s affair to Ishita.


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