Ahana and Anant’s destined meet in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana Raichand hates her mother Laila, who is also responsible for her dad Rahul’s death. Laila’s multiple affairs break Rahul’s hearts. Laila was never loyal to him, though she enjoyed his richness. After Rahul’s death, Laila gets angry that she is dealing with the financial problems. Ahana removes Laila’s photo from her family photo, and calls the cut out photo of a perfect family. Ahana misses out Rahul. Ahana enjoys her sister Saloni’s company. She feels suffocated in Laila’s fake world. After seeing such broken relations, Ahana wishes to have a true relation in her life. She doesn’t wish love to come in her life, but wants someone to understand her pain.

She finds solace in a elderly man Anant Mathur’s company. Ahana hates Laila, knowing she cheated Rahul. Ahana then learns Laila is interested in Anant. Laila wants to get financial stability by having an affair with Anant. Laila worries for clearing the debts. She thinks of seeking help from Anant. Meanwhile, Ahana’s innocence appeals to Anant. They both connect well by their pain and broken hearts. Anant tells her that he has lost his wife, but still loves her. Anant becomes Laila’s new target. Ahana gets peace on meeting Anant and sharing her growing problems. Anant likes Ahana’s genuine nature. Ahana and Anant get united by destiny.



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