Rajveer reveals Sanjay’s truth in Meri Durga


Durga believes Rajveer when he tells her that Neelkant tried to kill him. She tells this to Yashpal. It becomes shocking for them. Rajveer doesn’t know Neelkant’s intentions. He tells them that he is not lying, he has suffered so much because of Neelkant. He concludes that Neelkant was against Durga. Durga makes a plan to secure Rajveer, and make him meet Neelkant in a disguise. She tells Rajveer that they can reach the enemies by taking risk. Rajveer agrees too workout her plan. Yashpal starts training Durga as Rajveer used to do. Rajveer gets discharged from hospital. Brij takes him home, while saving him from Neelkant.

Yashpal wants to know why Neelkant is after Rajveer’s life. Durga prepares for her final race. She gets blessings from everyone. She doesn’t want Rajveer to fall in danger. Durga takes part in the inter district race. Aarti and Durga come face to face for the race. Durga meets Neelkant and recalls Rajveer’s words. She doesn’t get affected by Sanjay’s presence. Rajveer sees Neelkant and recalls the past how he was attacked by him. He gets sure of what happened in the past. Rajveer reveals to Durga that Sanjay has got the drugged jalebis to the temple that day. Durga learns Sanjay was responsible for all her problems.


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