Shivay’s Punjabi rockstar avatar turns Anika jealous in Ishqbaaz


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra get on a new mission to get Gauri back. They want to make the impossible possible. Shivay tells them that nothing is impossible for Oberois, and they never lose. The brothers get united to get Omkara’s bride. The Obros funny and adorable moments will be seen.

After talking to Gauri, Omkara feels Gauri will never come back in his life. Omkara has confessed his love to her, and also apologizes for being so indifferent towards her. Gauri is too hurt to forgive him this time. She feels Omkara is still not sure about their relation. She tells Omkara that he has always doubted on her character. She doesn’t want to give right to him to accuse her for wrong. Gauri doesn’t listen to him.

Shivay also takes a Sardar avatar. The Oberois get together to get Omkara’s love. Shivay tells them that they have a rule, they can’t bear any of the brother in problem. They all are trying to break Gauri’s marriage. Omkara tells Shivay that there is no use to try now, as he has lost Gauri. He asks Shivay to end the drama and prepare to leave. Shivay tells him that Gauri is helpless to do this marriage, he has seen love for Omkara in her eyes, even if Omkara didn’t see it, he should believe them. He asks Omkara not to play with destiny.

Shivay gives a warning to Ajay. He asks Ajay not to dare to do anything against Omkara. They all get together and have their motto, one for all and all for one. They show their tashan. Shivay turns into a Punjabi rockstar. He gets surrounded by female fans. He gets much attention by them. The girls ask him for an autograph and flirt with him. Shivay enjoys their attention and sings a rap for them. The scene gets too hilarious. He performs for the girls, which angers Anika. Shivay enjoys his new role. He spreads his charm in the function. Anika as Dadi scolds Shivay. She shows her scary side to control him.

Shivay teases Anika for her old Dadi’s look. Anika’s hair get loose. She stands in front of the fan. Her white hair fly in the blowing air. Shivay laughs on her. She gets angry on him. Anika asks him to stop his cheap drama and not dance with the girls. Shivay calls her Betaal. She doesn’t react on his silly jokes.

He asks her to scare everyone by her look. He jokes on her horror show avatar. He tells her that he should make a video. He asks her to get a selfie with him. She stops him. She laughs seeing his funny rap. She can’t tolerate when Shivay flirts with the girls. She asks him to sing a proper rap than using her words. She sends the girls away, who refuse to leave Shivay. The girls ask Dadi why does she care if they talk to the Sardar rockstar. Anika surprises everyone by her special Bhangra performance in the Roka ceremony. Everyone asks her to remember she is playing an oldie.

Shivay and Anika worry when Gauri breaks Omkara’s heart. All the Oberois get together and face Ajay. Shivay tells Ajay that he can never marry Gauri, they will not let it happen. Shivay and Rudra can’t see Omkara in pain. Omkara sheds tears. Anika consoles Omkara. Shivay promises Omkara that he will not let his love story fail.


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