Harman and Soumya celebrate their unique Karwachauth in Shakti


Harman and Soumya keep the Karwachauth fast for each other. The kinners support the lovers. They sight the moon and break their fast by all rituals. Soumya does an ideal wife’s doing. Harman shows her the special arrangements for her Karwachauth. She prays for Soumya’s long life. The romantic twist comes when Harman also prays for Soumya’s long life and happiness. He tells her that he has also kept the fast for Soumya. Harman does her aarti. They do the puja together. She touches his feet. Harman too touches her feet like an ideal husband. Their lovely jodi gets praised by everyone. Harman and Soumya hope Preeto and Harak accept their love.

Preeto meets Soumya and begs her to return Harman. She says Harman has left a lavish house and is staying in kinners house just for you. Soumya asks Preeto not to get sad. Preeto looks a helpless mother to her. Preeto cries and asks Soumya to convince Harman to come back home. Raavi also comes along Preeto. Raavi argues with Rani and slaps her. Rani also slaps her. They both get into a cat fight. Soumya stops them. She melts down for Preeto. She asks Harman to go back home. Preeto tells them about Mohini, who is actually her friend and helping her in separating Harman and Soumya. Preeto will do anything to get Harman back.


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