Anika’s insecurities to get high in Ishqbaaz


Omkara does a tapasya for Gauri’s love. Gauri is upset with Omkara. Pandit asks Ajay to lift Gauri and take her to the temple by climbing the stairs. Ajay disappears. There is a rasam going on. Ajay fails to do the rasam. Gauri’s mum asks who will do the rasam now, how will it complete. Omkara does the rasam. He lifts Gauri and climbs all the stairs with ease. Rudra keeps Ajay away from Gauri. Oberois plan to unite Omkara and Gauri. Gauri doesn’t want to melt her heart. Omkara and Gauri have a super romantic moment. Omkara starts worshipping Gauri. They see each other. Omkara’s wish to get Gauri gets fulfilled, just till he completes the rasam. Omkara doesn’t let her go away. She sheds tears and gets away from Omkara.

On the other hand, Anika wants to look good. She thinks her look is bad and that’s why Shivay is spending time with other girls. Anika gets angry when she sees Shivay flirting with the girls. Shivay impressed the girls by his swag. Everyone is in disguise and want to stop Gauri’s marriage. Shivay tells her that he is just being in his role, he doesn’t want to annoy her. Anika asks Shivay to throw water on her. He asks her did she go mad. She says I didn’t go mad, I m asking you to throw water, just do this. She insists him so that she can realize that Shivay is still the same. He laughs on Anika’s old look.

Anika goes and gets some makeup. Shivay irritates her. She asks him not to be with the girls. He then tells Anika that she is pretty enough and doesn’t need any makeup. She doesn’t listen to him. She coughs to sign him to get away. The girl asks Anika to get away. Anika comes in between their romance. Shivay doesn’t understand that Anika is insecure. She doesn’t want him to forget her. She makes him throw water so that she feels normal. Shivay throws water on Anika’s face. She didn’t think such phase will also come in her life, when she fears of losing Shivay to someone else.


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