Preeto does a suicide drama in Shakti


Harman and Soumya are worried. Preeto gets into an argument with Harman when she comes to kinners house to take him home. He tells Preeto that her plannings have made him away from home, and now he can never believe his family. Soumya asks Harman to go home on Preeto’s call. He sits repairing the dhol. She tells him that Preeto really needs him. He doesn’t listen to her.

Preeto is upset because of Mohini. She argues with them. Harak asks Preeto not to blame Mohini. Preeto shouts on Harak for spoiling her life. She fails to stop Harak. She angrily leaves from the house. She threatens of committing suicide. Harak shows he doesn’t care.
He asks her not to ruin his respect.

Soumya learns Preeto has gone to prove herself and went to the lake to give up her life. Soumya asks Harman to save Preeto’s life. Harman says Preeto has gone mad. Harman gets worried for Preeto and runs to the lake to stop her from committing suicide. Preeto and Harak have taken the extreme step to get Harman back. They are not scared of losing Harman’s trust. They just wish their plan succeeds and they get Harman back.


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