Shivay to learn Anika and Gauri’s bond in Ishqbaaz

Shivaay long lost sister

Ajay warns Omkara against meeting Gauri. The family supports Omkara and tells Ajay that they are more than enough to deal with him. Shivay becomes a protective wall for Omkara’s sorrows. They all show their unity and scare Ajay. Omkara tells Shivay that Gauri doesn’t want to come back in his life, she has refused to accept his love. He tells them that they should leave as Gauri wants them to not to create any scene. Shivay and Anika tell him that they can’t lose out without facing the battle. Omkara says I have lost her. Shivay explains him that Gauri truly loves him, and true love doesn’t end in a moment like this. He explains Gauri has taken the step by pressure. They all show their belief in Gauri. They decide to find the reason behind Gauri’s decision. They convince Omkara to try till he gets his bride.

Anika gets a white hair strand and gets a fear that Shivay will not love in her old age. She feels age and love has no connection. She imagines Shivay avoiding her when she gets old. She gets annoyed with him. Anika tells Shivay that she has seen him with the girls and got jealous. He confesses his love to her. Shivay romances Anika. They get interrupted by the ladies. Shivay and Anika have a moment. He assures her that he will always love her, no matter what happens.

Rudra too boasts of his bravery. Bhavya hears his false praise. Bhavya laughs on him. She scares him by showing a gun. Bhavya saves Rudra from embarrassment. He scolds her for making fun of him. He asks her to stay away from his life. She tells them that she failed to have any impression on the girls. They get into an argument. He blames her for cheating him and marrying Manav. She doesn’t clear his misunderstanding. Gauri goes to help Anika. She takes Bhavya and Anika to her room for their comfort. Shivay tries to know why Gauri is helpless to marry Ajay. He assures her mum that they will not let Omkara and Gauri’s marriage break. Shivay gets close to know Gauri and Anika’s relation.


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