High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Adhiraj starts feeling Devi is his lucky charm. He wants Devi to come back home. Devi comes back in time, but Maasa gets the doors shut for her. Devi begs Maasa to let her come in and celebrate her first Diwali. Adhiraj melts down on hearing Devi’s call. Maasa tells him that Devi has left to meet her uncle, when she asked her not to go at Laxmi puja time. She doesn’t want Devi to disobey her. She punishes Devi. Adhiraj gets in dilemma. He wants Laxmi puja to happen well, and also by Devi’s hands. Adhiraj admits to Maasa that he has opened the door and allowed Devi to come in. Maasa gets angry on him, and asks him the reason for doing so.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Pari is trying to spoil everyone’s happiness. The family drama resumes after Anjali’s comeback. Prem tells everyone that he has taken a decision that he wants to give his business responsibility to his children. He finds all of his children capable of taking the business ahead. He tells them that he wishes to get retired of work now. Pari argues with Prem that he has taken decision in Aarav’s absence. She calls him selfish to make Aarav work hard for the family business. She says Aarav is not here, so you have used this chance to declare your heir.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sarla wishes Karan and Preeta to get married. She talks to Karan’s mother about the alliance. Karan’s mother accepts the alliance, as she knows Karan likes Preeta. They both get mistaken about Karan and Preeta’s friendship. They are not aware that Karan and Preeta are just trying to save Rishabh from marrying a wrong girl. They both know Sherlyn loves someone else and are trying to find her boyfriend.


Neil and Avni want to save Mishti from Vidyut. Avni is staying in Vidyut’s house. Neil fails to get Mishti from camp. Vidyut insists of taking Mishti home. Avni had no option than to leave with him. Neil lands in Vidyut’s casino in disguise. He meets Avni and tries to rescue Mishti. Neil and Avni dance in the masquerade themed party. They get a moment and recall their memories. They dream of their romance. Neil hides his identity. Vidyut keeps an eye on Avni. Vidyut doesn’t want anything to go wrong in his casino’s opening party. Neil doesn’t want Vidyut to know his intentions. Its a last chance for Neil and Avni to get Mishti and run away.


Mohini spreads her charm on Harak and Maninder. They both try to impress Mohini. They are struck by her beauty. Surbhi came to meet Preeto and share her pain. When Surbhi sees Maninder’s like for Mohini, she stops Maninder and takes him home. Maninder taunts Harak and insults him.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren tells Pooja that if she passes the test of loyalty, then he will give her a chance to get back in his life, else he will shoot her by his hands. Pooja tells him that if she loses, she will accept his conditions. Naren clears his terms to her. He asks her to change her mind if she wants, as time for tests has begun. She tells him that maybe he doesn’t know the power of love. He feels if she gets greedy, she can accept money from him and leave. Pooja will be proving her love by fulfilling all his conditions. She has always been loyal towards Naren’s love.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara gets trapped when she was going to kill her next target. She shows her cruel side to the guy and scares him. She wants to punish him for cheating his lover. She ties him in ropes. She scolds him for not being loyal in love. He asks her why is she after him, what does she want to do. She attacks him shockingly. The guy finds her a psycho. He fights with her. Tara wanted to inject him drugs before she could make a plan to kill him. He injects her instead. She faints down, which gives him a chance to run away from her clutches. The guy ties her to the tree. She gets conscious and fights with the guy again. She has faced many troubles by Lakshya before. She fails to kill the guy. She can’t tolerate anyone cheating in love. Tara will be calling Deep to manage the troubles created by her madness.


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