Mystery person to target Sanjana in Sasural Simar Ka


Pari is trying to spoil everyone’s happiness. The family drama resumes after Anjali’s comeback. Prem tells everyone that he has taken a decision that he wants to give his business responsibility to his children. He finds all of his children capable of taking the business ahead. He tells them that he wishes to get retired of work now. Pari argues with Prem that he has taken decision in Aarav’s absence. She calls him selfish to make Aarav work hard for the family business. She says Aarav is not here, so you have used this chance to declare your heir.

Piyush gets defensive. He tells Pari that Prem always loved Aarav as his son, he has gone against everyone and supported Aarav and Ananya’s marriage. Pari asks him why did they put household pressure on Ananya and sent Roshni to office. She questions on Prem and Simar’s equality agenda. She says Ananya is also educated and can manage office, Ananya should get fair chance to show her capabilities. Admist the arguments, Sanjana runs to everyone and tells them that she has seen a funeral in the living room. Everyone goes to check and doesn’t find anything such. No one believes her. Sameer feels Sanjana is hallucinating. He makes her rest. Who is targeting Sanjana? Keep reading.



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