Nikhil-Ruhi’s love story gets a new twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

Raman learns about Nikhil’s plans and tries reaching him. He takes Nikhil’s daughter Riya along, so that Nikhil can get ashamed of himself seeing Riya in front. Ishita worries for Raman’s move. She knows Ruhi is Raman’s pride, and he will not bear if anything wrong happens with her. Simmi blames Ishita for making Ruhi a rebel. Ishita warns her against interfering in their lives.

Simmi talks ill about Ruhi and blames Ishita’s upbringing for Ruhi’s doings. Ishita finds Simmi and Parmeet’s intentions bad for supporting Ruhi, knowing she is going on a wrong path. Ishita fails to tolerate anything against Ruhi. She scolds Simmi for falling so low and taking revenge via Ruhi. Ishita angrily slaps Simmi.

Meanwhile, Raman reaches the hotel to catch Nikhil. He beats up Nikhil and scolds him for his cheap plans. Nikhil tries getting into Ruhi’s good books. He acts to show he loves Ruhi a lot. Raman saves Ruhi on time, though she doesn’t know what argument happened between Raman and Nikhil. Nikhil gathers proof against Raman, so that he can trap Ruhi in love again. Nikhil’s love for Ruhi ends by his revengeful intentions.

Nikhil meets Ishita and declares his evil intentions. He is angered on Raman’s wrong doings. He tells her that he will punish Bhallas by taking Ruhi away from them. Ishita begs him to leave from Ruhi’s life if he doesn’t love her. Nikhil gets adamant to use Ruhi against them. Ishita informs Raman how Nikhil threatened her. She worries that Nikhil will ruin Ruhi’s life. She asks Raman to do anything and stop the marriage. Raman and Ishita try hard to change Ruhi’s decision. They tell Ruhi about Nikhil’s intentions. Ruhi gets convinced by them after hearing everything. Nikhil attempts to fool Ruhi again by producing the proof.


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