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Ishqbaaz: There happens a big drama in Gauri’s marriage. Anika collides with waiter. Her wig comes out. Ajay gets a doubt on her. Anika wanted to talk to Gauri to know the problem. Ajay asks Dilpreet is he Omkara. Omkara admits he has come to get his bride. Oberois’ disguise and drama ends. Omkara and the family’s cover up gets known to Ajay. Ajay says you have come in my house and want to ruin my respect. He throws Omkara on the ground. Shivay pushes Ajay away.

Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth’s state makes everyone realize his immortal love for Shorvori. Parth wants someone to tell him that Shorvori is alive. Teni misses Shorvori, who was most awaiting for Shorvori. Parth and Teni support each other in the sorrowful moment. Parth has to take care of Teni and his coming child. Parth is much upset. He never imagined he will lose Shorvori. Parth feels Shorvori is alive.


Kirti’s heart got broken. Naira is upset seeing Kirti’s sorrow. Kartik feels guilty to end the peace. Kartik and Naira be at Kirti’s side. Kirti’s heart was getting linked to Naksh. Kirti got to know Naksh didn’t wish to marry her. She gets depressed thinking of Aditya’s words, that she is not wanted by anyone. She feels none loves her. Kartik finds her shattered. Goenka family is trying to convince Kirti.


Neil gives a huge shock to Vidyut. He tells everyone that Vidyut holds a good image in society, but the truth is he runs human trafficking by lying about an old age home, Vidyut has ruined many girls’ lives, he has killed Juhi too. He tells Vidyut that he can’t get saved now. Neil and Ali get caught inside the casino. Ali risks his life to save Neil.

Udaan:Ranvijay gets trapped by Suraj. Suraj records Ranvijay’s tortures. Chakor, Kavya and Preeti provoke Ranvijay. They all try to anger him, so that he reacts and gets exposed. They change the food menu. Ranvijay asks his mum about the change. He was to control the family. His mum asks him to eat what’s cooked. They start changing the things. Kavya and Preeti refuse to do his tilak for Bhai dooj. He asks them to do tika fast and then go to kitchen to make food for him. Preeti calls him a murderer and scolds him. She throws the aarti plate. Ranvijay points gun at them. Chakor throws his gun. Suraj wants to get Ranvijay arrested by using the evidence.


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