Durga plans a sting operation in Meri Durga


The sports federation officers turn out to be fake. They come to scare Durga. They try to arrest Durga to break her confidence. Yashpal and Rajveer learn the truth. They decide to take the men to the police station. Durga’s family gets insulted. Neelkant and Gayatri threaten Durga. Neelkant tells her that he has framed her just now, and he can do anything to put a ban on her life. Durga doesn’t get let down. She tells them that she wants to meet them for an important purpose. Yashpal wonders what is Durga upto. Neelkant also gets thinking of Durga’s intentions. Gayatri feels Durga can’t do anything now. Neelkant is confident as Durga has no proof against them.

Durga tells her plan to her family. Yashpal and Rajveer ask her not to be mad to take rich by opposing dangerous people. She tells him that she can’t lose her belief. She doesn’t want to understand anything. The family doesn’t support her. Durga explains them that they have to fight back and not bear any injustice.

Rajveer and family support Durga in her plan. Sanjay misses Durga. He thinks of his promise to Gayatri. Durga too misses him. She can’t share her plans with him. Aarti helps Gayatri. Gayatri tries bringing Aarti and Sanjay together. Durga plans a sting operation on Gayatri, so that she can expose her truth. She wants to take revenge from Gayatri and Neelkant. She takes a step to save her respect and name. Yashpal blesses Durga. He wishes Durga succeeds in the big task. Durga comes to meet Neelkant and Gayatri. She plans to collect solid evidence against them.


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