Avni risks life to secure Mishti in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Vidyut doesn’t get any info from Neil. Neil tells him that he is fearless and will not reveal anything. He asks Vidyut not to be a coward and shoot him. Vidyut understands Neil’s weakness, and shoots at innocent people to make Neil speak up. Ali sees Vidyut’s madness. Vidyut asks Neil to tell about Mishti. Ali tries to distract Vidyut. He takes a big risk to save Neil. Vidyut tries to shoot down Ali. Neil manages to run away. Neil and Ali try to find the way out. Neil asks Ali to take care of himself and others.

Ali covers up for Neil’s exit. Neil runs to save Avni and Mishti. Vidyut demands for Avni and Mishti back. Avni and Mishti try to run away from Vidyut’s men. They hide in a warehouse. Avni gets tensed and waits for Neil to come soon. She gets worried for Neil and Ali’s safety. She wishes they stay fine. Vidyut gets mad when Neil and Ali run away. Vidyut tries to know if his mother is fine and reached close.

Ragini Pandit gets fine and tries to contact Vidyut. She learns about Neil’s escape. She doesn’t want Neil to return alive. Neil reaches Avni and Mishti. He takes them away. Avni gets relieved on finding Neil with him. Vidyut gets encouraged by his mother. He gets fuelled for revenge. Avni leaves Mishti alone to get water. She asks Mishti not to get scared as they are soon going to win the game. Neil secures Avni from Vidyut’s goons. She tells Neil about Mishti. Avni gets scared seeing a snake in the jungle. Neil stops her from screaming. Vidyut misses to see them. Neil and Avni reach Mishti. Vidyut ultimately catches Avni and Mishti.


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