Funny kidnapping twist marks Gauri’s return in Ishqbaaz


Omkara prefers to get beaten up by Ajay, so that he can revive Gauri’s love for him. He asks Shivay and Rudra not to make any issue. Ajay beats down Omkara to punish him. Gauri can’t bear the sight of Omkara’s wounds. Shivay and Rudra too control themselves just on Omkara’s saying. Gauri breaks her silence. She asks Shivay to beat up Ajay. Shivay saves Omkara from the goons. Omkara falls down. Gauri asks him to fight back for her sake. Omkara turns heroic. Obros teach a lesson to Ajay and his goons. Shivay asks Omkara to get Gauri. Gauri refuses to go with them. She tells Omkara that she will never return to him. Omkara gets upset with her decision.

Shivay and Rudra find Omkara depressed. They decide to get Gauri back, even if she doesn’t will. Shivay worries for Omkara’s state. Gauri gets her friend married. She tries to postpone her marriage for a day. She then learns Ajay’s intentions. Ajay shows his true colors. Gauri gets angry on Ajay knowing his cheap motives. She thinks of teaching him a lesson. Gauri plans to run away. Anika asks Shivay to have food and also get Omkara for dinner. Shivay hides his plan from Anika.

Gauri tells her mum that she will never marry Ajay. Shivay leaves for the important task. He takes Omkara and Rudra along. The brothers happily go to get Gauri. Obros don’t know that Gauri has changed her decision. Gauri wishes Omkara was with her. She gets happy seeing Omkara. She gets ready to go with him, but Omkara doesn’t let her say anything. He apologizes to take her against her will. They kidnap Gauri. They face Ajay and his goons again. They get ready for the fight. Obros return home with Gauri, and hide this truth from Anika and Bhavya.


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