Arjun to realize his birth motive in Woh Apna Sa


Jia gets Arjun home, after finding him sleepwalking in the roads. Arjun doesn’t believe her when she tells him that he is Aditya. She tells him that she has saved his life when he was getting hit by her car. He scolds her for kidnapping him and forcing him to become Aditya. They both get angry on each other. Arjun doesn’t believe he is Aditya. Arjun calls Jia mad. Arjun tells Chini that he is not her dad, his age is not such. He warns Jia of police. He asks her not to kidnap him again. He goes to meet Nisha for the job. Nisha who got a shock about Arjun, tries to know more about him.

Jia tells Chini that Arjun can never be Aditya, as he is an ill mannered guy. Chini believes Aditya has taken rebirth as Arjun. Jia wants to plan against Nisha. Arjun goes for the job. Nisha asks him to make an old servant accept that he has stolen her diamond bracelet. She promises to give him the job if he can make the servant accept the mistake. Arjun goes to meet the servant. He gets a huge shock on meeting his dad, who is in a bad state in Nisha’s clutches. Arjun gets flashes of his past birth. Will Arjun realize his past and believe Jia? Keep reading.


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