Harman-Harak’s fight yields no result in Shakti


Harak and Harman have a dangerous drama. They both show their angry side. Harman argues with Harak for Preeto’s sake. Harman points the gun at Mohini and threatens to kill her. Harak points gun at himself and tells Harman that he will kill himself and then Preeto will turn into a widow. He emotionally threatens them. He says Mohini will never go anywhere, Mohini is your new mum, you should respect her. He asks Harman to remember he is standing in his house and he can’t do anything. Harman is fighting for Preeto’s rights and marriage.

Harak asks Harman to show his courage and shoot, then he will also shoot himself. After much chaos in between father-son, Preeto interrupts and asks Harman to drop the gun. She asks him to think of his dad’s life. Harman tries to make Mohini leave. Harak gets angry. He catches Harman’s neck and asks him not to show his smartness. He tells them that he got old but he didn’t become weak till now. He asks Harman to leave and stay with Soumya in her fake world, and let him stay with Mohini. Harman says you better kill me today. Harak doesn’t want to understand. He says you will not teach me living, I m a man, the head of family, I can do anything. Harman fails to solve the problem.


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