Kirti’s decision restores happiness in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH Kirti and Kartik First major clash WHY

Manish doesn’t want to support Naksh. Naira and Kartik support him. Manish asks Naksh to leave. He doesn’t let him meet Kirti. Kartik regrets to misunderstand Naksh and upset Kirti. He feels he has created the complications in both the families. Kartik cares for Naira. Naira feels he has hurt her heart a lot by doubting on her intentions. The family prays that Naksh succeeds in convincing Kirti. Naksh doesn’t lose hope. He stays outside Goenka house. Kartik gets a shock seeing Naksh in morning.

He understands Naksh’s love for Kirti is true. Naksh requests him to make him meet Kirti once. Naksh’s gesture touches his heart. Kartik decides to make Naksh and Kirti meet, so that Kirti finds easy to decide. He takes Naira’s help. They both try to make Naksh’s message reach Kirti. Naksh apologizes to Kirti in an emotional way. Naksh’s lovely message melts her heart. Kirti thinks of meeting Naksh.

Manish supports Kirti in all her decisions. He realizes Kirti wants to go to Naksh. Naira thanks Manish for supporting them. Manish tells everyone that Naira has explained him about Naksh and made him take the right decision.

Naksh senses Kirti is in a problem. He runs to rescue her. Naksh proves his love. Kirti realizes Naksh got connected to her heart. Naksh and Kirti unite. Their relation gets more strong. Everyone gets happy for Naksh and Kirti’s union. Kartik apologizes to Naksh. Naksh promises to always keep Kirti happy. The families bless them. Kartik tries to win Naira’s trust back. He presents a beautiful surprise to apologize to her. Naira tells him how much she got hurt by his ego. She asks him to realize his mistake. Kartik fails to convince her.


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