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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay, Omkara and Rudra get Gauri home by hiding from everyone. Anika doubts on Shivay. She feels something is wrong. Shivay keeps lying to her. Anika gets spying on her. Shivay tries to hide the matter as long as he can. He informs Rudra to tell Omkara to be alert. Bhavya too senses something is fishy. Anika and Bhavya get together to find out what the boys are hiding. Shivay romances Anika to stop her from seeing Gauri. Anika feels his romance is just a diversion. She wants to know what’s Shivay hiding.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita takes the blame and tells Simmi that she has pushed Ananya to take revenge from her. Ishita bears the hatred of the family. Ishita tells Pihu that nothing will happen to her. Ishita takes Pihu to the hospital. Pihu wants to apologize to Ananya. Parmeet calls police to take Ananya’s statement. Ishita makes Pihu promise that she will not reveal the truth. The family meets Ananya, who is in a critical state. Ananya tries to reveal Pihu’s name, but Ishita manages to cover up. She gets in front to save Pihu. Ananya breathes her last. The family mourns for Ananya.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Sudha denies the blames and defends herself. Adhiraj goes to re-investigate the matter. Satrupa gets angry on the mental asylum people for not informing them about shifting Sudha. Pujan does a melodrama. He asks Dada ji to disown him completely so that he can take his family and leave. Dada ji promises Pujan that he will make Avdhoot the heir. Pujan asks him to have a second thought. Dada ji is upset with Anami. He doesn’t want Anami to become the heir after she got Sudha home. Dada ji tells Pujan that he will legally declare Avdhoot as the heir.


    Manish doesn’t want to support Naksh. Naira and Kartik support him. Manish asks Naksh to leave. He doesn’t let him meet Kirti. Kartik regrets to misunderstand Naksh and upset Kirti. He feels he has created the complications in both the families. Kartik cares for Naira. Naira feels he has hurt her heart a lot by doubting on her intentions. The family prays that Naksh succeeds in convincing Kirti. Naksh doesn’t lose hope. He stays outside Goenka house. Kartik gets a shock seeing Naksh in morning.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant gets Roshni’s accident news. He rushes to the hospital. He meets Roshni. He gets worried for Roshni. Ahana gets to see Anant’s love for Roshni. She remembers how Laila has kept the children away. She feels she didn’t get any love from Laila ever. Ahana gets into an argument with Laila. She calls her a selfish mom. Tarun learns that his dad learnt about Saloni’s pregnancy. He worries for his dad’s reaction. He tells Saloni how Laila has seen her profits from their marriage. Saloni has her belief in Laila. Tarun doesn’t want to reveal the entire truth to her. Anant gets upset with Yamini for not taking care of Roshni well. Yamini doesn’t leave them alone.


    Avni and Neil reach Mishti. Neil gives water to Mishti. They find Mishti scared. Avni comforts her by motherly love. She sings a lullaby for her. Neil gets to see Avni’s new side. He gets happy. Neil does drama to get Avni’s attention. Avni gets worried seeing his wound. Neil asks her to do the aid. Avni does the aid to him. They have a moment. Mishti gets scared in her dream. Avni and Neil promise to end Mishti’s fears. They want to take Mishti away from Vidyut. Neil tells her plan to escape by diverting Vidyut.

    Meri Durga:

    The family blesses Durga for keeping her promises. Durga gets her family’s lost respect back. Durga asks Yashpal not to clear the bad remarks, as its work of the villagers. She wants the villagers to clear off the stains from their name. Durga’s bad time passes off. They all decide to thank Lord for making everything fine. The family visits the temple. Sanjay realizes his parents’ misdeeds. He meets Durga and apologizes to her for everything. He feels sorry that she had to tolerate so much because of his parents. He tells her that he didn’t know anything.

    Durga’s family gets kidnapped. Sanjay and Durga look for them. Durga gets worried sensing her family is in danger. Neelkant kidnaps her family to take revenge from Durga. Neelkant calls Durga to threaten her. Sanjay gets a shock by his dad’s new crime. Sanjay promises Durga that he will help her. Durga cries for her family. Neelkant tells her that he will kill her family. Neelkant sends the goons after Durga as well. Sanjay rescues her.


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