Teni keeps her promise to Shorvori in Dil Se Dil Tak


Bhanushalis doesn’t want Teni to get upset in her baby shower ceremony. Indu tells her that they have done all this to give her happiness, they don’t want Teni to cry in such a happy moment. Teni’s happiness gets low when Indu’s friend taunts Teni to insult her. Teni tells her that she will not go anywhere leaving Parth, she doesn’t need any relation name in society to be dutiful towards Parth.

The lady tells Teni that she will not be able to face defamation and taunts for long, she will break down. Teni says I will do what I like, I m responsible for my happiness and sorrow. Parth gets angry seeing Teni’s tears. Parth tells the lady that Teni is not just the surrogate, but also his good friend. He asks the lady not to ruin the happiness. Lady tells him that none does surrogate’s baby shower function, everyone will raise question some day. Teni doesn’t want to get money or status now. She just wants to keep Parth and Bhanushalis happy. She loves Parth. She is keeping her promise to Shorvori.


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