Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: A new journey begins


Ishita takes the blame and tells Simmi that she has pushed Ananya to take revenge from her. Ishita bears the hatred of the family. Ishita tells Pihu that nothing will happen to her. Ishita takes Pihu to the hospital. Pihu wants to apologize to Ananya. Parmeet calls police to take Ananya’s statement. Ishita makes Pihu promise that she will not reveal the truth. The family meets Ananya, who is in a critical state. Ananya tries to reveal Pihu’s name, but Ishita manages to cover up. She gets in front to save Pihu. Ananya breathes her last. The family mourns for Ananya.

Simmi gets mad in anger. Everyone consoles Simmi. Simmi loses Ananya forever. Ishita gets arrested for the blame. Raman asks Ishita whom is she trying to save. Ishita admits that she was angry on Simmi, and pushed Ananya in a rage. She tells Raman that she has killed Ananya, this is the truth. Raman gets upset with her. Pihu worries for Ishita. Raman tries to save Ishita. He wishes everything gets fine. Ishita admits her crime in the court. She gets life imprisonment. Raman believes Ishita is lying to everyone. He fails to save her. Raman tries to know the truth from Ishita. Ishita doesn’t tell him anything.

Ishita goes to jail for the crime she didn’t do. Raman asks Ishita to tell him the truth. Ishita hides Pihu’s mistake. Simmi seeks revenge, as Ananya meant the world to her. Ishita gets away from the family. Ishita and Raman miss each other. The show will get the leap track. Raman and Ishita will be meeting in Budapest. The lovers will be meeting as strangers. She becomes his business investor, and still stays connected.


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