Harman to share Preeto’s sorrow in Shakti


Preeto has played a new game. She has risked her life again. She makes the plan along with Mohini. Harman gets worried for her. Doctor checks Preeto. Harman gets angry knowing Mohini has made Preeto fall down, by which her leg got broke. Preeto lies in pain. She knows Harman loves her and will get worried for her safety. Harman rages to teach a lesson to Mohini. Harman stays with Preeto. He can’t see her in pain.

The family tells Harman what’s happening in his absence. Harman asks Mohini how dare she touch Preeto. Guards come and stop Harman. They take away Harman. Harman says Mohini has hurt my mum, I will not leave her. Preeto shouts in pain. Harman runs to her. He scolds her with love. He asks her not to get up when she is hurt. He helps Preeto. She asks him not to go to Mohini.


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