Narottam gets tortured by Pujan in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Pujan gets furious on Sudha and Narottam. He locks up Sudha. Avdhoot beats up Narottam. He asks him why did he hide about his mum till now. Pujan also beats him up in front of Baldev. He asks Narottam to confess his mistake. He asks him the motives for hiding Sudha’s truth. Baldev doesn’t care for Narottam. Satrupa stops Pujan from beating Narottam. She asks him not to give any more wounds to him. Pujan calls Narottam a disease for them. Satrupa saves Narottam. She doesn’t want Narottam to pay for Sudha’s deeds.

Adhiraj tries to know about Anami’s presentation. Tania teases him that he is in love with Anami. She asks him to confess love to Anami. Sudha heals Narottam’s wounds. Satrupa tells Sudha that she is letting her stay here just for Anami’s sake.

Sudha makes a mind to leave for Narottam’s sake. Satrupa tells her that she will not let her go away, as she has to keep an eye on her. Sudha worries for Narottam. Satrupa angers Sudha. Sudha fills revenge fire in Narottam.

Anami wants to catch Vatsalya’s culprits. Adhiraj gets thinking about Anami. She calls him up to tell about her finidngs regarding Vatsalya’s case. He agrees to meet her. Pujan wants Narottam to get away from Avdhoot’s way. He doesn’t want Narottam to get sympathy. He asks the man to publicize Sudha’s return and humiliate Lal Mahal. Dada ji gets determined to send Sudha away from their lives.


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