Sanjay and Durga to marry in Meri Durga


Durga gets worried for her family. Sanjay gets disappointed with his parents. He tries to inform Gayatri. Durga reaches police to get help. She gets into an argument with the inspector, who doesn’t take the matter seriously. Sanjay calls up Gayatri and asks her to let Durga’s family go. He threatens to kill himself. Gayatri asks him to stay away from this matter. Gayatri sends goons to abduct Durga. Durga gets in trouble. Sanjay fights back. Seeing Durga in big danger, he threatens to injure himself. The goons let Durga go, to protect Sanjay. Sanjay gets away with Durga. They try to reach her family. Neelkant threatens Durga again.

Neelkant asks the goons to catch Sanjay and keep her away from Durga. The goons try to make Durga and Sanjay away. Gayatri ill treats Durga’s family to teach a lesson to Durga. She wants to limit Sanjay. Durga and Sanjay escape from the goons. They get hidden in a marriage gathering. Sanjay thinks what he can do to save Durga’s family. He promises her that he will not let anything happen to her family. Sanjay tells Durga that they have one way left, that’s to marry and return home so that his parents fail to oppose her. He tells her that they will get inseparable after marriage. Durga agrees to marry Sanjay to save her family.


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