Shocking: Ashok comes to Ishita’s rescue in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman tells Simmi that Ishita can never hurt Ananya. Simmi doesn’t agree to him. She has lost Ananya. She curses Ishita. He tells her that Ishita always risked her life to save children, she can never do this intentionally. The family doesn’t believe him. Simmi gets family’s support. Raman assures Ishita’s family that he will do something to get her back. Simmi tells Pihu that Ishita will never come out of the jail. Pihu tells her that Ishita is innocent. Simmi vents her anger out of Pihu. Pihu misses Ishita and feels guilty. She thinks of the promise made to Ishita and hides the matter from the family. Ruhi feels something is bothering Pihu.

Romi meets Pooja, who taunts him about Ishita’s crime. Romi feels bad to believe this. Bhallas and Iyers have a problem again. Raman attempts to know the truth. He meets Ishita in the jail. He feels she has made a big sacrifice. He tries to know the truth from her by making her thinking for the family. He tells her that he knows she always makes sacrifices for anyone dear.

Raman’s belief in her makes her worry. She still lies to him that she has angrily pushed Ananya. He asks her to stop lying, as he can never believe her. He asks her whom is she saving. She asks him to leave and never come to meet again. Raman tells her that he will not come back to see her again, if she wants this. Ishita can’t let anything happen to Pihu. Raman parts ways with her on her insistence. Raman comes home late. The family worries for him. Simmi tries to cope with her loss. Parmeet comforts her. Simmi wants to see Ishita in pain. Pihu gets keen to meet Ishita. Raman fails to solve the mystery. Ishita distances herself from the family. Ashok intervenes to help out Ishita by some motive. Ashok will be rescuing Ishita and take her away from Bhallas.


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