A shocking twist awaits Ahana in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Roshni gets fine. She comes home. Karan gets heartbroken seeing her with Rehaan. Anant makes Roshni get a good welcome. Ahana tells Laila about Roshni’s accident. Laila thinks to meet Roshni and Anant, so that she can become his family. Anant forgives Roshni for her mistake. He gives her a surprise. Laila calls up Anant to impress him by a sweet talk. Roshni refuses to talk to Laila. Anant insists. Laila fakes concern to Roshni, who acts rude. Roshni doesn’t want to trouble Anant again. Tarun apologizes to Saloni and makes up for their arguments. Saloni gets happy seeing the surprise.

Ahana sends a gift for Roshni. Roshni likes the gift. Anant understands Ahana has sent the gift. He calls her up and thanks her. Ahana asks him to meet her. Anant fixes the meet, while Rehaan too gets keen to meet her. He learns the bracelet he has belongs to her. Rehaan wants to return the bracelet to Ahana. Anant recalls his old time with Shweta. He thinks of Shweta’s decision. Anant considers to remarry. Anant plays Shweta’s memories. He decides to surprise Ahana. Anant realizes his love for Ahana. He meets Ahana and proposes her for marriage, leaving her shocked.


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