Shorvori stays alive in Parth’s memories in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth sees Shorvori everywhere. He talks to Shorvori’s picture. He cries with sorrow. Teni sees him. She thinks to divert him. She shout to him to come fast. He gets worried for her. He runs to Teni and asks her the matter. He makes a call to doctor. She asks him not to call doctor, she just wanted to show him baby kicks. Parth says you have scared me. She doesn’t let Parth go.

Parth still lives in Shorvori’s memories. He thinks what would have Shorvori done in this situation. Teni makes him sit. She tells about the baby wishes. She asks him to get icecream for her. He asks her the flavors. She names many flavors. He says you will fall ill. She insists. He agrees to get the icecream. He imagines Shorvori when he talks to Teni. Teni asks him to take care of the baby, else he will become a bad Papa. Parth talks to his baby. He gets happy sharing a moment with Shorvori. Teni doesn’t know he is doing all this for Shorvori. He cares for Teni, thinking of his wife. Teni knows he loves Shorvori a lot. She tries things to lessen his sorrow.


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