Imli grows insecure with Chakor’s return in Udaan


Bhaiya ji gets mad on Imli, knowing Suraj and Chakor are returning to Aazaadgunj. He slaps Imli. He yells on her for being so overconfident. They have an argument. Bhaiya ji doesn’t want Imli to take decisions. He asks her to just obey him and not make own plans. He doesn’t want Suraj to get Chakor to the haveli. He tells Imli that he has told the villagers that she is the heir of the village, and now when Chakor comes, she will learn everything.

He asks Imli did he take wrong decision to declare her as the heir. He tells Imli that Suraj and Chakor shouldn’t know their plans, they should not know whatever happened with Vivaan. He asks Imli to control her bitterness and act good. Imli tells him that she dreams to rule on the village, she wants the villagers to chant her name.

He asks her did she go mad to dream this in Chakor’s presence. He asks her to get back to senses and see the truth. Imli gets Chakor’s picture. She tells him that she will kill Chakor, and end the hurdle forever. Imli tells Bhaiya that none can snatch her dreams now, she will definitely fulfill her dream she will knock down everyone who comes in her way. She burns Chakor’s picture. She says if Chakor spoils my game, I will not leave her, I got close to my aim and can’t get back.


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