Neil-Avni worry for missing Juhi in Naamkarann


Avni bears Bebe and Shweta’s annoyance. Bebe asks Mishti to come with them. Avni gets sad when Bebe doesn’t talk to her. Juhi plans for the Diwali party. Juhi asks Avni if she needs anything. Ali tells Juhi that Avni is allergic to colors. Juhi thanks him for helping Neil and Avni, and getting her happiness back. Neil plans a surprise for Avni. Avni asks Neil to help her in winning back Bebe and Shweta’s heart. Avni tells an angel an d devil story to Mishti. She recalls Dayavanti. Juhi sees Mishti loving Avni as her mum. She feels Mishti is going away from her. She wishes to buy a new doll for Mishti. She plans to go out.

Ragini Pandit is sure that Vidyut can never lose to any policeman. She knows Neil can’t break down Vidyut. Avni tells Bebe and Shweta that they are planning a Diwali party for Mishti. Bebe gets angry for the fake drama which has hurt their emotions. They also act to trouble Avni. Avni learns they have forgiven her. Avni tells them that it was Neil’s plan.


Mishti makes a doll house and includes everyone in the family except Juhi. Juhi feels sad. Avni wins Mishti’s heart. Neela praises her for winning Mishti’s trust. She asks Avni to explain Juhi to keep patience to get Mishti’s love. Juhi goes to market to buy stuff. Avni and Neil try finding her at home. They assume Juhi has got kidnapped. Neil tries to search for her. Vidyut manages to enter Neil’s house and meets Mishti. He scares her. He tells her that he is her real dad, whose shadow can never get away from her. He tells Mishti that her angel can’t keep her away from her father.


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