Vidyut to fall in love with Avni in Naamkarann


Juhi is jealous of Avni. She has turned negative. She sees Avni and Neil’s pictures and cries. She hides from everyone. She takes the sindoor from the box. She recalls Ali telling her that Avni is allergic to Rangoli colors. She adds artificial colors in the sindoor, knowing Avni has allergy. Avni comes to her room. Juhi lies to Avni. Juhi doesn’t realize what mistake she is doing in anger. Avni feels Juhi is innocent. Avni asks Juhi not to get scared, we can go out and enjoy, as Vidyut and Ragini Pandit got arrested. Avni is trying to become Juhi’s friend. She asks Juhi not to take any tension now. Avni has become a problem for Juhi. Avni has no idea what’s Juhi doing.

Vidyut gets free on bail. He meets Neil at his flat. Vidyut finds a way to trouble Neil. He buys the house and becomes Neil’s new landlord. He asks Neil to vacate the house. Neil says you have come in my house and made it dirty, now I don’t like to stay here.

Vidyut tells Neil that Avni is much pretty than she looks in the picture. Vidyut has fallen for Avni. He praises her beauty and angers Neil. Neil asks him to stay in his limits, he has done a mistake to come home. Neil takes Avni’s photo from him.

Neil says maybe your mum taught you to misbehave with women and kids. Vidyut gets angry and asks him to mind his language. He threatens Neil. Neil makes Avni stand on his side. Vidyut becomes a villain for them. He says I think I got a villain entry in between your romance. He compliments Avni. Neil keeps Avni away from Vidyut’s side. Neil and Vidyut argue.


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