Sanjay to cheat Durga in love in Meri Durga


Rajveer asks Durga not to sacrifice her dreams this way. He doesn’t accept her marriage. Durga tells them that she will remain Sanjay’s wife will her last breath. Sanjay promises them that he will keep Durga happy and also make her fulfill her dreams. Sanjay tells them that Durga will get all the respect and rights of his wife. Sanjay gets their blessings. Durga’s family get emotional while they do Durga’s bidaai. Durga asks them to take care. She explains she had to do this to save their lives. She promises to do her duties towards both the families from now on. Durga’s bidaai gets done. Yashpal asks Sanjay to make Durga step in a brighter life. Sanjay takes Durga with him.

Sanjay gets the grah pravesh arrangements done at home. Sanjay and Durga reach his house. Durga gets a huge surprise seeing her marriage celebrated and accepted by the family. Sanjay’s brother and Bhabhi welcome the newly weds. Durga wonders how did this come true. She can’t believe Sanjay’s parents accepted her. Durga gets a huge shock knowing Sanjay’s bitter hatred for her. Sanjay turns revengeful towards Durga, who ruined his parents’ respect in the society. He reveals that it was all his plan to get her parents kidnapped and convince her for marriage. Sanjay hurts Durga, breaking her dreams.


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