A shocking revelation for Parth in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth is taking care of Teni. Parth wonders how Teni manages to stay happy. Teni cheers him up. She asks him not to think of anyone’s words. She forgets everything. Teni’s cute talk makes Parth smile. Shorvori’s memories make him sleepless. Parth tries to sleep. He thinks of Shorvori. Teni also doesn’t get sleep. She comes to talk to Parth. She complains about a bee in her room, troubling her. She asks him to catch the bee. He says I can’t do this at night, you take my room, sleep here, I will go out. He solves her problem.

Teni doesn’t get sleep and asks him to say any nice story. Parth is in no mood to read out any story. She says its your responsibility to take care of baby, you have to get up. He plays a funny video and asks her to sit watching till she gets sleep. Teni laughs watching the videos. Parth sees Shorvori’s picture. He checks some videos in the phone. He gets a shock seeing something unexpected.


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