Adhiraj to reveal Sudha’s truth in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha asks Pujan to join hands with her, as they both can take down Lal Mahal easily. She tries to acknowledge his pain and insult. She asks him to stop attacking her, and better come on her side to get gain. Anami teaches a lesson to Pujan. Dada ji requests Adhiraj to do something in Anami’s case. Adhiraj tells him that Anami will always be the part of Lal Mahal, and they have to bear any consequences till Vatsalya’s culprits are caught. Dada ji does not want Anami to stay in Lal Mahal, as she has got Sudha home. He is much upset and doesn’t want Anami to become the heir. Adhiraj suggests him to change his will.

Adhiraj asks them to change Anami’s perception about Sudha. He then meets Anami and reveals Sudha’s truth. He hopes Anami will wisely think about her decision about Sudha, after she learns the truth of Sudha’s escape.

Adhiraj shows the proofs to Anami. Anami can’t believe anything. Adhiraj asks her to know the facts and believe Lal Mahal people for once. He proves that Lal Mahal has always taken care of Sudha’s expenses, while she claims them to be culprits. Anami’s belief of Sudha doesn’t change. She still feels Sudha is innocent. Satrupa gets a lead about Sudha’s plan. She confronts Sudha for sending Naina in their family. Satrupa rages on Sudha. Anami finds Lal Mahal is wrong. She wants Sudha to get justice. Satrupa gets determined to expose Sudha, by which they can control Anami.


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