Shagun to reveal Bhallas truth to Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted

Raman and Ishita meet after a long time. Ishita dreams of a happy union, but Raman meets her as a stranger. She thinks does he hate her, or forgotten her completely. She feels hurt by his behavior. Adi and Ruhi get a surprise seeing Ishita. Adi asks Ishita what is Ashok doing with her. Raman forgets Ishita. He just thinks she is the investor. Ishita feels why is everything so changed. Simmi thinks of going to Raman’s meeting and get to know about the deal. Ishita tells them that they will finalize the deal in Delhi. She keeps her conditions that Ruhi, Adi and Raman should work together.

Ruhi clears that she is not part of Bhallas company. She asks Ishita to give the deal to her. She informs that Raman is not a successful man now. She ruins Raman’s reputation. Ishita feels strange hearing Ruhi. Adi and Ruhi get into an argument. Adi remains as Raman’s manager. Ishita tells them that they should work together if they really want the big investment. She tries to bring them under one roof again. Ruhi refuses to Ishita’s terms. Raman agrees to work with Ruhi, just for the business.

Simmi gets a huge shock on seeing Ishita back. She doesn’t want to forgive Ishita ever. Raman slaps Adi and gets angry on him, assuming him to be just his manager. Ishita sees the dark truth of the Bhalla family. Shagun reveals to Ishita how things have changed and how the family has broken down. She blames Ishita for ruining everything. Shagun tells her that she has been wrong to go to Ashok and not return home when she got released from jail. Shagun doesn’t believe Ishita. She tells Ishita that the entire household and business is in Simmi and Parmeet’s hands. Shagun feels proud of Simmi, for managing so well. Ishita tells Shagun that she was away from family as she was helpless. She asks Shagun about the letter she has sent. Shagun clears the fact that she didn’t get any letter. Shagun gets upset with Ishita for leaving everything in such a state. Ishita didn’t wish the family to suffer. She worries for Raman’s state.


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